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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday, December 30
Still no feeds... Faith only threw up a few times today... a little bit around 1:00 AM, a little more around 4:00 AM, then again around 7:30 or 8:00 AM... then all day with no throwing up, until 6:30 tonight, when she threw up a bunch, and then again at 7:00. :-( Still no answers as to WHY she's throwing up, beyond my own reflux theory. I still haven't seen a surgeon either... Dr. Sandoval came by earlier when I was out of the room to eat lunch.
The good news is, she is pooping a bunch! I think there has been poop at just about every diaper change today. And, the vomit isn't green anymore, it's mainly clear-ish, mucousy spit.
I plan to have the nurse page surgery and tell them Dr. Sandoval needs to come and talk to me as soon as he gets a chance. I'm tired of sitting around not knowing what their plan is, or what she has to do for them to feed her. Her gut obviously works if she's pooping as much as she is, and her puking is obviously not related to eating if she's throwing up without eating.
Faith's wearing her woolies I made her for the first time. One of the nurses last week or the week before said she can't wear pants because her Broviac would get kinked, but the way the Broviac is dressed right now it is super easy to just have it come up and out the waist of the pants... and I spent a long time making these pants so she's going to wear them while they still fit!


Anonymous said...

Wow, she is getting so big! She looks great in the pictures. Hopefully you will be able to start feeding her again soon.


Anonymous said...

I would demand they find the reason for all the spitting up too! She should be eating if things are making it through so good. They made my son a foam wedge for his crib so he was never completly flat. It's at a 30 degree andle, and has sides, a little bottom for him to sit on and straps so he doesn't fall out. They even made a smaller one for diaper changes, so even then he was not flat. It came from the physical therapy department of the hospital. I would ask about something like that, because it sounds like bad reflux and being flat just makes that worse. Keep it up, just think of how great 2009 will be for your whole family!

Leah & Dylan w/gastro 10/9/08

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