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Monday, December 1, 2008

Faith's Tube Count

Monday, December 1, evening
For my own records, and to keep everyone up-to-date (and so when I refer to something, no one is like, when did she get that?), I'm just going to quickly list all of Faith's tubes and wires (and what they're for) as of tonight. I'll start at her head and work my way down...
  1. Breathing tube
  2. OG tube (the one that empties the green stuff from her stomach)
  3. Left arm- PICC line for meds like Albumin, stuff that can't mix with Octreotide or TPN
  4. Right arm- PICC line for Octreotide
  5. Right arm- arterial line for blood draws and keeping track of blood pressure
  6. Left side- chest tube to drain the fluid off her lungs
  7. Right side- chest tube to drain the fluid off her lungs
  8. Foley catheter (because she wasn't peeing enough)
  9. Right leg- Broviac line for TPN (nutrition) and Fentanyl (and they gave her blood and Lasix through it as well)

She also still has the three leads that keep track of her heart and respiratory rates, and the one lead that supposedly keeps track of her temperature and controls how much heat the warmer puts out, even though it's not accurate on babies that are swollen, so that's 4 more wires that are stuck to her, but not in her.

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