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(2 Corinthians 1:3b-4, NLT)

Friday, December 19, 2008


Friday, December 19, afternoon
No news yet on the contrast study. She was down there for three hours, while they waited for the dye to move out of her stomach, and finally they gave up and sent her back up here to her room. They had radiology come around 1:00 with the portable x-ray to see if the dye had moved yet, but apparently that x-ray didn't take a good enough picture, because they had to take her back downstairs. Now they just got back, and the nurse said there wasn't a lot of good air movement, so they might need to do another surgery, but the radiologist is going to call the doctors and talk to them, and then one of them should come and talk to me. At least if they need to do surgery, they can fix it and maybe things will get better, faster. (Thank you to Leah for the comment- I never really was able to find any "normal" gastro stories when I was looking, so it helps to hear from someone else who went through it this way!)
Anyway, here are the pictures I promised, and I will post another update when I hear from the doctors about the results of the study.

Showing off her pretty new shirt from Aunt Bob-Bob... the preemie size fits really well!

Hey, who turned out the lights??

Kangaroo care- skin to skin time :) This was nice, but made Faith mad because she wanted to nurse and I couldn't let her!

All wrapped up in her pretty new butterfly blanket, with her matching butterfly headband! (I put the washcloth she's holding in my shirt when I sleep, so it smells like me and like breastmilk. I think she rests better when it's right up near her face for her to smell.)

Faith's new "big-girl bed"! :)

Faith's Christmas tree- she already has presents!

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Lexiconmom said...

She is SOSOSOSOSO gorgeous! I have stolen a bunch and posted on FB. I am ONE PROUD AUNTIE! Lots of prayers for tomorrow morning!
Much love,
All of us

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