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Monday, December 29, 2008

Feeding frustrations...

Monday, December 29
Well, they stopped feeds today. Faith threw up during her 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM feeds today. The surgeons said on rounds at 10:00 that they would keep feeding her, because she's been pooping, so obviously it's moving through... but then by 1:00 Dr. Potter put an order in to make her NPO (nothing by mouth). They put her back on Reglan on Saturday, mainly to help with motility, and I asked then if it was a dose that would also help with her reflux, and the nurse said she thought it might help with that too. So they started her on Protonix today to help with the reflux. (Nice that it takes them like 5 days to listen to me when I ask why they can't give her something in addition to the Zantac she was getting in her TPN...)
Otherwise though, Faith is doing very well. She is doing great without the oxygen, and should be able to ditch the pulse oximeter (the little red light thing on her foot) in the next day or two, which will leave just her Broviac and the monitor leads for tubes and wires.
She had another bath in her little tub today, being careful not to get her incision wet of course... she didn't like it as much as she did last time, but she thought getting wrapped up in her towel when we were done was pretty nice. She has a pretty little head, so the hood part swallowed her up!
She's been wearing clothes more, even with the throwing up... I figure we'd be washing them if we were home, so what's it hurt to let her wear them and wash them here? Noah spit up a ton when he was little too, so I'm used to having to wash lots of barfy baby clothes. :) And she's grown- she's mostly outgrown her preemie things and is fitting newborns pretty well now.Almost a smile :)Hopefully in the next couple of days the throwing up will stop and they'll start feeding her again... I don't really know what they'll do now in terms of the skim milk or regular milk, but I wouldn't be surprised if they just get her to full feeds on the skim and then switch her over. No one knows for sure why she is throwing up so much (5x so far today...), and reflux is the only guess so far. I will post more if we find out any answers, but I think once again Faith is stumping the docs!
Just to prove that he's not always sleeping...

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