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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We're here!

Tuesday, March 24
I am completely exhausted, but I wanted to post quickly and let everyone know that we got here ok. Going through security at the airport was a breeze, thanks to an awesome suggestion to contact the TSA manager before flying (thanks Paige!). The flight itself was ok... I really don't like flying much, and it was the longest flight I've ever been on (about 4 hours), and there was turbulence for probably 2/3 of it. I think I may have slept for about an hour. Faith did awesome, and slept pretty much the entire flight.
We got admitted right around noon, and are now in room 36-A on 10 East. It's going to be interesting getting used to everything being so different (we're in a shared room, I'm allowed to eat in here- in fact, since I'm breastfeeding/pumping I get to order meals for free!, there's a shower in the bathroom, I can sleep in the bed with Faith, plus about a million other things that are completely different!) I already met Dr. Puder and his team (Danielle, Alexis, and Kathy Gura) and signed the consent for the Omegaven, they will start that tonight and Faith will be Omegaven baby #115. Tomorrow we should meet a number of other doctors, including docs from the motility clinic and a feeding team. Dr. Puder seems optimistic that when we get her liver healed, her gut will work better, and she might even be able to eat by mouth again. He also was optimistic that we might not be here that long, since in the scheme of things her labs aren't that bad, and she has almost all of her intestine.
Anyway, I am having to fix typos pretty much every other word, so I am going to get some rest now and will post more later! I have a bunch of pictures to post, too.


Karen Owens said...

I am so excited for you all! I would love to be in Boston. Please tell Dr. Puder that we thank him for helping save our little boys life! I pray you see amazing changes in little Faith!

Titus 2 Moms said...

So glad you are there safely and the flight went so well! Praise the Lord! Sounds like you are in the right hands and will continue to pray for wisdom for the dr's and healing upon sweet, little Faith.

Anonymous said...

We are excited that you have arrived!! Don't worry about everything being so different, you will probably notice a lot of "good" differences once you get more comfortable with your surroundings. The team on 10E was always great to us. If I remember right our initial admission was in 36A as well. Take advantage of the awesome team there and get some rest for yourself. Trust everything Dr. Puder tells you, he has never led us astray yet.

Good luck #115 from #94, we hope that your Omegaven miracle is as fantastic as our was.

Jason, Deb, Ryan, & Sam

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