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(2 Corinthians 1:3b-4, NLT)

Monday, March 16, 2009

map curiosity...

Monday, March 16
So, I am a very curious person. I look at Faith's visitor map every day (usually multiple times a day!) to try and guess who's reading the blog. And I notice a few places showing up on there pretty much every day. Places where I don't know anyone, so I can't figure out who it is. Would any of you care to introduce yourselves by posting a comment? The thing I'd most love to know is how you're finding us, because I've tried googling a few different ways and the blog doesn't come up. I LOVE that people all over the world are reading Faith's story, and hopefully getting information that will help them or someone they love improve their health and quality of life :)
So... Uster, Switzerland - Oslo, Norway - all of you various Canadians - Escondido, CA (I see you a lot, but can't for the life of me figure out who you could be!) - and Sarah Palin up in Wasilla, AK ;-) ... who are you and how did you find us?


Beckie said...

Hey Raeanne,
I am from Escondido,Ca originally and it would be my guess that my friends who follow my blog have also made their way over to yours.
i'm glad people are reading about Faith's story.

Raeanne said...

Aha! Mystery solved! :) How are you guys feeling? Think you'll be able to sneak in a visit before we check out of here? (The goal is to get us out of here by the weekend!)

Karen Owens said...

Not sure how I found your site but I'm sure it was from another SBS family. I live in Pa but am currently at AI DuPont Children's Hospital in DE.

Elise Edwards said...

Hi Raeanne,
This is Elise from DAP - I've been way out of touch. Faith is so beautiful and I'll pass your blog on. You're all in our prayers as you make the trip to Boston.

Now you have a reader in Hawaii :)
Love and aloha to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Raeanne, I'm in Friday Harbor WA. I check on Faith everyday probably! I found you guys through gastroschisis.co.uk, way back in the beginning. Faith is one of my first stops in the morning. Right in there with my mail and the news!

Leah &
Dylan 10/9/08 w/gastro

Beckie said...

We are all much better now! I would love to come see you guys before you leave. Let me talk to Lori and see if she can come down as well. I am thinking thursday night would work, but let me get back to you on that as soon as i know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith and Raeanne,
first your photos are fantastic wheher there is a smile there or not what a true cutey pie.. tubes and all!!!
Im from down the very bottom of the map, and of course you know me from the TPN group

Anonymous said...

Hi Raeanne,

My name is Elaine and I am from Illinois. My grandaughter was born 2/20/08 with gastroschissis. Faith's journey has been really similar to hers (practically the same surgeries). I sorta got addicted to your story so check it out daily along with a number of other short gut blogs. Never know when you are gonna here something that sheds some light.

Faith is in my thoughts and prayers, good luck on your journey to Boston.

Audra said...

Beckie is right. I am Audra and I found your blog through her blog. I was curious because I loved your daughters name. I am in awe with all you have had to deal with and how strong and positive you have been through all you have been through. I love watching Faith grow in all her pictures and I pray that she gets well soon.

Audra said...

I forgot to say that I am from Escondido, CA

Anonymous said...

Hi Raeanne & Faith

I am Michelle from Dallas TX. I found your site through Mothering boards. I check on Faith probably every morning and at night before bed. Faith and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How fantastic to hear of all the people in so many places reading about our sweet little Faith. Please believe me when I say it is so important to Raeanne and our entire family to know that you are all keeping Faith in your prayers! The boys have included all of you in their prayers for quite a while now too. I am sure that knowing you are all out there has helped Raeanne keep up the positive attitude and remain strong in such a difficult time. Keep the comments coming, we love to hear from you.
I look at the map a few times a day too wondering how the story has spread to so many places.
May God bless all of your lives.
Toni (Raeanne's mother)

Jessica said...

Hi Faith & Raeanne-
I'm Jessica from just outside Boston. I found your blog from MDC (I'm oiseau over there).
Also, as I said before, please let me know if you need anything when you get to Boston. I'd love to help out in anyway I can.

Anonymous said...

i'm from las vegas, my baby girl born whit gastroschisis the past january 3rd. she is in the hospital and i dont know when she is gonna be on home
You're all in my prayers
and good luck in boston

Anonymous said...

Hi Raeanne,

I found you and your cutie Faith from the mothering site. I'm a birth doula who is studying/specializing in supporting mamas with complicated births due to medical issues.
It's such a gift to be able to learn from you and Faith how to support other families facing similar issues.
Thank you so much for sharing your journey.
(I'm from Seattle btw)

ahinton said...

I found your blog on Geeps I believe... I had Lucy, my gastro princess, 7/24/08. I check on Faith daily. Your dedication and attitude inspire me.

p.s. We just found out #2 is on the way... I'll take all your prayers!

ahinton said...

oh yeah... we are from Atlanta

Anonymous said...

I am in Japan. I saw a link to your blog on a kellymom post and I have been hooked ever since.

Mrs Mar said...


I am from Vienna, i have been following the blog since you posted it on babyfit.com as i was part in the natrual birth fourum there.


Shelly said...


I'm Shelly, and I introduced myself before, I got a link to your site from Sarah in Ft. Collins. I worked with her daughter, but am now in grad school in St. Louis for Occupational Therapy! I love reading and following along with what's going on. Good luck in Boston!

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