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(2 Corinthians 1:3b-4, NLT)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The cutest baby in the world

I am WAY behind on posting pictures!! Here we go- from leaving the hospital in Denver until now :-)

Our last wagon-load of stuff. We had four of these, plus one giant suitcase...Goodbye NICU Room 60!Getting in the car... it's starting to get more real! (Too bad we're looking at different cameras...)"I don't like the car!""Maybe it's not so bad...""Zzzzzzz....."Faith got to go home on the first day of Spring, complete with pretty crocuses blooming!"Where are we?"The cutest big brother in the world is happy baby sister finally gets to come home!"Mom, I don't ever want to do that again!"Going into our house for the first time!In case you were wondering what your house might look like if you moved in, then moved to be near the hospital less than a month later, then lived at the hospital for four months after your baby was born, and suddenly had to pack to go to Boston for an indefinite amount of time, feel free to look at the background of this picture...Faith's first time in her own room!Showing off her pretty outfit again :)

Modeling the belly and Broviac bands I made her to keep her tubes covered and away from curious fingers!

First time sleeping in her own bed!

"I think I might like this place!"

The cutest baby in the world...

... and the cutest big brother in the world!

This is my OCD organization of TPN supplies... each bag has one day's worth of one part of the process (tubing, additives and needles, flushes and hep-locks)

Meds, dressing change stuff, and med schedule. It's amazing how normal this stuff can look when it's mixed in with regular baby stuff...

Her coat's still a little big...

Daddy and Faith at the airport

This is all the stuff I actually carried on or gate-checked! (I had a big old rolling duffel in addition to this stuff!)

The first thing the nurse said to me when she saw her feeding tube- "Why did they do it like that?" The first thing she said when she saw her Broviac dressing- "They use a BAND-AID?! I am in AWE!" Yes, they do use a band-aid, and little miss Faith has been infection-free with her line for all 132 days she's had a one!

"Mommy, I'm on Omegaven!"

Miracle #115

"Must you always flash that thing at me?"

"Seriously, Chloe (that's the monkey's name now), it's like she's never seen a cute baby before!"

Our private room. I find it fitting that Faith is getting her fish oil magic in a salmon-colored room, with a picture of mountains on the wall :)

Sleeping in her really big crib

She's getting awesome at maneuvering the pacifier to and from her mouth

Some clown doctors tried to entertain Faith on Friday

"I know those weren't real doctors, Mom..."

"You mean, I get to leave my room and I didn't even have to pull any tubes out?!"

Faith has become quite a fan of chatting with Daddy and Mama on the phone lately...

We switched to her fish pacifier today. We're gonna start showing the fish some love, and maybe they'll start working their magic!

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