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(2 Corinthians 1:3b-4, NLT)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

No strings attached!

Saturday, January 10
So, Faith's TPN is being cycled now, to try and help keep the cholestasis under control. So it is on for 20 hours, and off for 4 hours. Her lipids already were off for 4 hours every night, and the time that they are off coincides, so now for 4 hours every night, Faith isn't attached to anything (they take her off the monitor during that time, too)!
Last night she took a bath on the opposite side of the room from her bed... it was kind of strange actually, Dave brought her over to the tub and I almost stopped him to tell him I'd bring it over because she wouldn't reach!
It is so cool to be able to stand in the middle of the room with her, and even cooler for us all to be able to lay on the bed together! It was kind of funny, Dave was asleep, but Faith and I were hanging out on the bed with him, watching the 10:00 news, and then Jay Leno came on, and she completely turned her head to watch!
Dave and I went home during the day today to try and do some more cleaning up around the house, and I decided when we left to come back that it was time to bring Faith's "going home" dress down. You know on that yogurt commercial where the lady hangs her swimsuit on the wall for motivation to lose weight? That's the idea- we hung the dress right near her bed, as motivation for her to get better so she can wear it! I did realize tonight though that I haven't found shoes for her to wear with it yet, so maybe she's just waiting for that! ;-)
Faith nursed tonight really well, with no nipple shield and no need to convince her with milk from the syringe! She got frantic a couple of times, but I was able to get her to latch back on without having to use the nipple shield. I am so excited and happy that she is doing so well with nursing, when it has taken almost 2 months for her to even get to try! I hope that she continues to tolerate the feeds so that she can keep going and getting better!
Please keep praying that everything continues to go well, it is starting to feel like we might actually get to go home sometime soon!

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Jenae said...

Keep posting these wonderful updates! So nice to see you, Faith and daddy all in the same bed bonding (and sleeping). That dress is no pok-a-dot bikini...it is so pretty! I can't wait to see picture of her in it...and I love the idea of hanging it up in the room. You look so happy Raeanne. I can see the HOPE in your eyes. It must feel like HOME having Faith finally nursing as she was meant to. I am grateful, but not amazed she is nursing so well. I'm so glad it is off to a good start.


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