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(2 Corinthians 1:3b-4, NLT)

Friday, January 30, 2009

another quick update

Thursday, January 29
Well, I stood our ground tonight with Dr. Partrick. I told him Dave and I talked, and we wouldn't consent to the tube, and he said that it is our decision, and if we want to try bolus (normal) feeds again with Reglan to help with motility, that is our choice and he'll support us in that. He brought up the thing I think is their biggest issue with wanting to do the g-tube- that it would get us home faster... it seriously is like they think they can bribe us into letting them do it, just to get us out of here. Dave and I talked about it many times between last night and tonight, and we both think that this is a chance we should take, even if it does mean a few more weeks in the hospital.
It is so frustrating, I just want to scream at the surgeons- don't they realize we want to go home a MILLION times more than they want us to go home?? But we're not going to do something invasive without really giving her a chance, knowing for sure that she can't just eat and be fine...So, feeds will re-start in the morning (5 mL every 3 hours to start with), and Reglan started tonight. We're going to work her up to full feeds, as she tolerates it, on bottles, because the surgeons are control freaks and want to know exactly how much she is getting. The docs told us before (when we were supposed to go home) that all she needs to gain is 15 g a day... so we are hoping that she tolerates feeds as well as she did last time, but that this time the Reglan will help keep her tolerating them. Please say lots of prayers that the Reglan will be the answer, and things will really work this time!
I will post again when I've had some sleep, and get some new pics posted. :)

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wildwildtrips said...

I saw your blog address on Emerson's COTA site and wanted to say hi. I have a son with short gut who is seen at TCH in Denver by Dr Soden. Does your daugther have short gut ? Sorry I have'nt had time to read much of your blog- we are off to a drs appt in a few minutes. We are at Children's a lot and would be glad to come say hi and bring you coffee/real food or whatever else you may want. My son spent 6 months in the hospital after he was born so I can relate well to the struggles you are having.

lucky mom blessed with triplets

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