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(2 Corinthians 1:3b-4, NLT)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thursday, April 23
One month ago tonight, I took Faith (and way too much stuff!) and got on a plane from Denver to Boston. I was afraid, but I knew I was doing the right thing, and I was excited to get her on Omegaven and start things moving in the right direction. One month ago tomorrow, Faith was started on Omegaven.
Faith had her weekly labs drawn today after her CAIR clinic appointment. Dr. Puder is out of town, so I figured I would probably call Danielle or Alexis tomorrow and ask about them. A little while ago, my phone rang and it was a number I didn't recognize. I answered, and it was Dr. Puder, calling to talk about Faith's labs (have I mentioned lately how much I love him?).
He started off by telling me that her white blood cell count is normal, her hematocrit went from 25 last week to 30 this week (yay iron!), her platelets went way up (a good thing), her triglycerides are normal, and her CRP (an indicator of inflammation/infection) is normal. Then he said, "Her bilirubins are at a level where you can go home." At that point, I went into shock mode, I was stunned! Her total bilirubin, which last week was 7.1, this week is 3.5! And her direct bilirubin (4.6 last week) is 2.0!!! NORMAL levels for bilirubin is anywhere from 0.3-1.2 for total, and 0.0-0.4 for direct, so we have a little bit to go to be able to say she's in a normal range (she's actually NEVER been in the normal range in her whole life), but 2.0 is AWESOME!
Other good news from today- she doesn't need her blood pressure meds anymore, she gets to nurse 5 times a day now, and we are going to start increasing her feeds by 2 mL every other day.
I am SO thankful that we have not had to go down the transplant road! I can't wait to get back to Colorado and show her to the doctors who thought we should take her to Pittsburgh to be put on the transplant list! And I can't wait for all of her nurses at the hospital in Denver to see how great she is doing now!
I really AM going to get some pictures posted tonight!


Kit Freeman said...

That news is so fantastic!!!
I think we need to put Dr. Puder up for Sainthood. There are so many babies that will lead a long semi-normal life thanks to him.
There are a number of people that have started following those babies and we are all truly amazed at the progress everyone is making.
Enjoy your bundle of joy, and give her a hug from me and Sammy.
Sammy's page is;

dh said...

Thank God for your determination and tenacity! If you hadn't done so much research and fought for what you knew was best, Faith would be traveling a much different road.

I have been checking in on your blog and I am so happy to hear about all of Faith's milestones and progress. I am so happy that your little girl is finally headed home.

Lots of Love,
Emma & Family (NC)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy she is doing better.She is such a pretty little girl and has a smile on in so many of those pictures you've been putting up. I'm also excited for you to be able to nurse so much more. =P

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