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(2 Corinthians 1:3b-4, NLT)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hey Papa...

Public Service Announcement:
If you are offended by the three-letter word that is a synonym for "donkey", don't look at this picture.

This one's for you! :)

Months ago, when Faith was first born and being such a fighter through so many hard things, my dad was having a discussion with a coworker about Faith, and they decided she was going to be an "ass-kickin' princess". My dad said something about making himself a shirt with a picture of Faith on it, that would say "Papa's ass-kickin' princess". So, I made her this shirt, just for him :)

And, just for color-change comparison- that picture was taken today, and this picture was taken 6 days ago!


Hostile in Ohio said...

Oh my goodness...she's really pinkish! This is such a beautiful thing to see!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is an MDC mama who's been following your blog. You guys are camped out at Devon Nicole, right? Or were you just there for a few days? If you're still there, you will be getting new company shortly - there's a mama on another blog I follow who's son is being transferred to Boston for heart troubles: http://www.mycharmingkids.net/2009/04/boston_15.html

Kit Freeman said...

These babies are true miracles when the Omegaven starts to kick in.
Is her onesie embroidered? My daughter got tired of people asking her if she knew her baby was yellow. Yeah, like you would miss something like that.
I embroidered his onesie with "They call me mellow yellow". Everyone loved it.
Kit (Oma to Sam O'Connor)

Anonymous said...


I've been reading MckMama's blog since Stellan first was DX, because someone put a link on a heart forum I go on. I'm Faith's Auntie:) Like the shirt. The mellow yellow one is too cute. Love you guys,

Amanda and Avery

Randall and Heather Cleckler said...

So glad another family has joined the Omegaven family. Our son was baby #103. Enjoy the staff in Boston, they are the absolute best!

The Clecklers in Florida

Unknown said...

That onsie is adorable!! I'm glad to see Faith is starting to gain her pinkness!!

~Sabrina (from Carthage)

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