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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally, some pictures!!

Tuesday, September 15
I really should be sleeping, considering it's 1:15 AM and we have to be at the hospital at 6:45, but I wanted to get these pictures posted! I know it's been FOREVER since I posted any pictures, and I do intend to do at least one post with a bunch of the pictures I never posted from when Dave came out before we went home the first time, and we did all of our "tourist" stuff, since I see those while uploading these and it makes me feel guilty for never posting them...
Anyway, here you go!
This picture is post-op after Faith's scar revision surgery in July, the last time we were in Boston. Like her dress? We bought the t-shirt it's made from shortly before we left Boston to go home for the first time. I searched everywhere when we were here last time trying to find another one, because the dress I'd made her was getting too small, and I couldn't find one! Imagine my excitement then today when I walked into the store where we'd purchased the first one and saw that they had a whole stack of them! I can't wait to make her a new, bigger Boston "Got Fish?" shirt! I think this should be the official Boston Omegaven club shirt ;)Keeping Faith contained while getting settled in our room at DNH :)It was a good plan while it lasted! She figured out how to escape pretty quickly...This little photo shoot was just today, hanging out at Boston Common, trying to figure out what movie they were filming there. (From what I can find, it's a new Ben Affleck movie called "The Town". I didn't see anyone famous though, just a bunch of crew people.)

A little perspective... compare her color between that last picture and this one. And I thought she looked REALLY GOOD here!! (This picture was taken April 15, exactly 5 months ago to the day!)This is my picture of Faith with the "Make Way for Ducklings" ducks... look closely, she's the cute one in the stroller parked in the shade!

Then a nice lady realized I was trying to get a decent picture of Faith with the ducks, and offered to take one of the two of us...

Here's Faith with the Swan Boat at the pond in the Public Garden:And here is my blurry picture of the movie star trailers and the craft service truck...Last one for tonight- Faith with Samuel Adams in front (or really, in back) of Fanheuil Hall. My favorite useless fact I learned when Dave and I did the self-guided audio Freedom Trail tour through Boston- even though probably 99% of people only know Sam Adams' name because of the beer named after him, he actually was a failure as a brewer!I will post more tomorrow, including pictures of beautiful Faith with NO CENTRAL LINE!!!!!


Karen Owens said...

GIrl -- you need to change that header photo -- She looks AMAZING!!!!

Congrats on getting the CVL out -- that is huge!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am so excited for you and Faith. It is huge to get her central line removed. I am happy everything worked out for Faith. She looks so good, and is so big compared to the other pictures you had of her. Ana (mom to Adriana) from yahoo short gut

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